Purest, Delicious Crystalized Green Tea

We are proud to deliver 100% natural, rare, purest products. Our crystalized tea is simple, and helps to make a perfect, delicious cup of green tea. Red Lantern Tea (Instant Green Tea Crystal) will be available in June 2015, and feature 100% natural tea with no additives or sugar in a powdered form that dissolves instantly. There is a limited premier number of these products available yearly. Our teas are harvested in the spring time each year, picked by hand, leaf by leaf.

High-Quality Tea, Conveniently

Red Lantern Tea is recommended for those who care about quality because this is the best quality green tea available. If you care about the purity of your tea and the environment, you’ll enjoy our high-quality, eco-friendly product. There are no leaves left in the cup, or sludge at the bottom of the cup. You add the tea to water, food, or use it as a flavor additive. It’s also great on ice cream, burgers, cereal, pizza, and more.

Health Benefits

There are several health benefits to green tea, including the ability to help people lose weight and it’s great for your general health. Our powdered teas are made from freeze-dried tea leaves, ensuring purity and fast water absorption.