Instant Green Tea Crystal

With life full of adventures and excitements, you are probably busy enough and don’t have time to brew a perfect cup of tea. Instant green tea crystal is a great choice to enjoy all the benefits of green tea in the most convenient way for your healthy lifestyle.

Our instant green tea crystal is made from premium, 100% natural fresh green tea leaves hand-picked each year with limited production.

Processed by most advanced cold-brewage and freezing dry technology, it reserves most nutrition (antioxidant / EGCG) and flavor from the tea leaves and instantly dissolved in hot or cold water without any sludge. So you can conveniently enjoy purest green tea anytime and anywhere you want.

Just add a bottle of water (16.9 oz / 500 ml) for each packet for a delicious cup of green tea at home, restaurants or on the go. Quick and easy!

Premium Quality

Our product is made from 100% natural, premium Chinese green tea, processed by freezing dry technology. Instant dissolved in hot or cold water, no sludge. Authentic green tea flavor with no additives or sugar.

Professional Service

We are pleased having you as our customers and more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our products are backed by 100% refund (limit to 5 packets) if for any reason you don't like it.

Flexible Business

Whether you would like to try a few packets, wholesale for your business or become a distributor of our products, we are flexible on each term and looking forward to cooperate.